Moving from Apache/ACF to IIS/Lucee

My CFInclude isn’t finding the included template after the migration (based upon the error message I’m receiving (shown further below). I have average experience with IIS and Lucee but I’m guessing I’m missing something pretty simple here but I could use another set of eyes.

Hello World <cfinclude template="/someOtherFolderOutsideOfRoot/time.cfm">


The error message I am receiving is:
Page /someOtherFolderOutsideOfRoot/time.cfm [c:\webdir\wwwroot\someOtherFolderOutsideOfRoot\time.cfm] not found

The folder someOtherFolderOutsideOfRoot is setup as a virtual directory in IIS and the webdir user account has permissions to the folder. Just for kicks, I also setup a mapping inside of Lucee (server) but the site is still not finding my included file.

What am I missing?

Disregard, I had a typo in my path. Copying and pasting only works when you copy the right string of text. :face_with_head_bandage:

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