Missing template 404 not working

Hi- I’m moving to Lucee and am having trouble getting my custom 404 cfm to
show up.
Instead my request error handler shows up. I’ve got it defined in the
Lucee web admin with an absolute path and have “individual status codes”
It’s only happening for cfm’s. Other pages are handled by the apache
directive and are working correctly.
I saw a post with a function to add into application.cfc, My app does not
have an application.cfc just an Application.cfm. So I added an
application.cfc and checked the behavior in the web admin to look for both
(mixed). This is what I put in it:
public boolean function onMissingTemplate(required string TargetPage) {
header statusCode=404;
include “/404.cfm”;
return true; }
That didn’t work at all. Orange screen. So the question I have is: Is
there a way to get my custom 404 page working for cfm’s without redoing the
entire Application.cfm into a cfc? Thx Henry