Missing Datasource Error in Web Admin after updating to

I just tried updating Lucee to version and on most pages in the web admin (and server admin) I see the following error message:

It doesn’t seem to affect functionality, but I would like to know why it is happening before I update my server. if it matters, this version of Lucee was ‘installed’ using Command Box.

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That looks like an Adobe ColdFusion error handler… Is the application doing that on purpose, or perhaps CommandBox has set the engine to ACF without you realising it?

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I have the error template set to use error-neo.cfm

Here is the error in Lucee default error template.

I am now seeing even more troubling behavior. After submitting a form in web admin I get the following:

When I click the ‘here’ link, I am brought to the correct page and I can see what I was attempting to do was successful.

Try checking your Application.cfc and perhaps your lucee-server.xml and lucee-web.xml.cfm file for any datasource definitions.

The error thrown here would be due to a datasource that has an empty string for a name:

I checked the files: lucee-server.xml and lucee-web.xml.cfm and there are no datasources configured that have an empty string for a name. I also am not configuring datasources in Application.cfc.

I should note I observed this behavior before I even configured a datasource and that I see this error in the web admin and server admin ONLY. I do not get any errors in the application itself.

Weird. I updated CommandBox top version 3.9.x, deleted the instance of the server and started the server again and now I am not seeing the error.

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I get this as well, in Lucee on Windows. I got the same in previous versions of Lucee as well, I am not sure when it started but this has been a feature of my dev machine Lucee install over two different computers. Regular Lucee install, not commandbox, although IIRC I also got it there.

Similar stack trace, it seems to indicate it has something to do with ORM. I am using ORM in the app, although I don’t think that should be leaking into the Lucee admin. Just looking at the stack trace, “ORMUtil.getDefaultDataSource”, suggests it is looking for a default datasource for the ORM and not finding it.

lucee.runtime.exp.ApplicationException: missing datasource definition in Application.cfc/cfapplication
at lucee.runtime.op.ExceptonImpl.createApplicationException(ExceptonImpl.java:93)
at lucee.runtime.orm.ORMExceptionUtil.createException(ORMExceptionUtil.java:45)
at lucee.runtime.orm.ORMUtil.getDefaultDataSource(ORMUtil.java:284)
at lucee.runtime.orm.ORMUtil.getDataSourceName(ORMUtil.java:373)
at lucee.runtime.util.ORMUtilImpl.getDataSourceName(ORMUtilImpl.java:89)
at org.lucee.extension.orm.hibernate.tuplizer.accessors.CFCGetter.get(CFCGetter.java:57)
at org.hibernate.tuple.entity.AbstractEntityTuplizer.getIdentifier(AbstractEntityTuplizer.java:230)
at org.lucee.extension.orm.hibernate.tuplizer.AbstractEntityTuplizerImpl.getIdentifier(AbstractEntityTuplizerImpl.java:44) …

Further down in the stack trace it mentions ORMFlush, that combined with the fact it appears at the end of the page suggests it is something to do with the automatic end of request ORM session flushing, i.e. what happens if you don’t have ormsettings.flushatrequestend = false


I think if there’s no ORM stuff being used, it’s probably triggered because somewhere is calling/checking ORM getSession without any second argument “create” set to false

which then creates and populates ormsession

which when it isn’t null, triggers releaseORM() which then goes looking for a datasource

there are only 35 matches for getSession in Lucee, if someone wants to dig in, maybe they can find out how this happens

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Thanks for that info Zac. It’s worth noting that this is only an issue in the administrator, not in actual apps. So I wonder if it is more likely something wrong in the CFML code of the administrator than the Java of Lucee itself, I have only seen this error in the administrator. I haven’t dug any further as it hasn’t really been a dealbreaker and I don’t have it in production (which is Ubuntu). Just commenting that someone else has seen it. I get that “Object Moved” thing as well, I presume that’s a redirect that in normal use you wouldn’t see that page at all but you do because of the error at the end.