Missing CSS and Image files in admin

Having some trouble viewing the Lucee admin on a Windows IIS server. The admin (web and server) both load and function, but no CSS or images display. When I look at the console, I see that the CSS file cannot be loaded.

/lucee/res/css/admin-177862166861bc85.css.cfm shows a 404 error.

I was able to manually create that file and copy the code from another Lucee install to make that work, but then the errors pass along to images…

(and more)

Where should this “/lucee/res” folder be, and why won’t it display for me? Any thoughts?

I tried checking for rewrite rules that would interfere, and I tried checking for IIS Request Filter rules that would block them. I don’t find any issues there.

These files are served by a Lucee script that removes the suffix from the filename.

The suffix is there to prevent caching, which used to be an issue when we updated the admin a few years ago.

IIRC this takes place in Application.cfc onMissingTemplate() in the admin/res directory.

I’m still struggling with this issue. My install of Lucee does not have an admin/res directory. Something is preventing those files from rendering, but I cannot find the Lucee code that delivers the files so I don’t know where the problem is.

What version of Lucee are you running?

I’m on Lucee, running on Windows 2012, IIS, with Tomcat 8.5.14. I do have this running on other servers where it works, but I have uninstalled and reinstalled on our staging server and still no luck. I’m thinking maybe something in IIS is blocking it, but until I see the code I’m not really sure what it is trying to do and I can’t diagnose it.

The first thing to check then is whether indeed IIS is the problem or not.

Try going directly to Tomcat. It’s best if you can RDP into the machine so that the request is made locally and therefore less likely to be blocked by firewalls.

So from a local machine, try to go to:


That assumes that Tomcat is listening on port 8080, and that the default host is the one that you’re troubleshooting. If not, change the URL above accordingly.

Let us know what you get when you hit that URL.

What Lucee version?

Adding fluff as “post can’t be empty”

can you please raise a ticket at issues.lucee.org, we will address it.