Migrate CF Data Sources

We are looking for a way to migrate our data sources from our current CF 11 installation to Lucee.

We have over 100 data sources defined and would rather not have to go through them manually!

Is there a way to use the existing neo-datasource.xml or a CAR file?

I cannot see any migration tools that would do this for us.


This sounds like something that cfconfig will be able to do for you via commandbox:



CFConfig will do not only your datasources, but ALL your admin settings. (Where “all” is defined as like 98%) If you’re using CommandBox for your servers, it’s as simple as

box cfconfig transfer from=myAdobeServer to=myLuceeServer

If these are traditionally installed servers, then you can just use the path to the server home instead:

box cfconfig transfer from=C:/coldfusion11/cfusion to=C:/lucee/something/server-context

Or just grab the entire config into JSON for modification and later importing at your whim

box cfconfig export from=C:/coldfusion11/cfusion to=myConfig.json
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