Mappings on OSX Lucee

I’ve been fighting with OSX, Lucee and Tomcat trying to get everything to work together. I’m making some progress and have today finally managed to get to the point of running some code only to find that mappings don’t seem to work… I’ve added the mapping, double checked the folder and file exist - including the case sensitivity but still I get the message:

“Page /IncludeFiles/onApplicationStart.cfm [/Volumes/Data/PXS/htdocs/IncludeFiles/onApplicationStart.cfm] not found”

The second line of the error suggests that ‘/IncludeFiles’ is not recognised as a mapping as it says the mapping is “/”

Maybe it is related to the mapping not being there first up but I have added the mapping and restarted Tomcat. Then I went through the admin and cleared all the cached items I could find AND enabled the ‘DevelopMode’ that I also found. — Running Lucee version

This all work fine on a Windows environment.

I thought i was close but am now back on the verge of giving up and buying a new Windows laptop but any suggestions would be much appreciated.