Manipuilate SOAP response

this is the problem:

Lucee ( and ACF (2018) produce two different soap response, with the same wsdl.
(Lucee ad a “multiRef” tag not declared in wsdl, but not is the point…)

See here:

I have to return the same response of ACF.
Can i serve a custom XML SOAP Response?

I saw that I can add custom headers with AddSOAPResponseHeader() but it is not enough.

Using Java? Some advice?
Some setSOAPResponse()? :smiley:

Many thanks.

I have news: :stuck_out_tongue:

    remote Struct function create(){
        var content = ToBinary( ToBase64( soapResponse ) );

        cfheader(name="Content-Length", value="#Len(content)#");
        cfcontent(type="text/xml", variable="#content#");

        var result = {
            'code'    = 0,
            'message' = 'My message',

        return result;


ok, in this way I can manipulate the SOAP message, and insert it into the content of the page!

there is a problem: the result of the method is always null…
(if I remove cfheader and cfcontent it works)

any idea? :frowning: