Mails are not sent anymore

For 2 or 3 days, all mails send buy the server are not delivered.
I can find all in the dir : /WEB-INF/lucee/remote-client/open (tsk files)
Nothing has been changed on the server since it happenned.
Mail boxe used, still the same, same password.
Using the default mail server in Lucee admin or defining a mail server in the CFmail parameters, give the same result, not sent.
I have no idea at all, why this happen ? And no idea of what I can do.
(the boxe mail alone, through a webmail, does work fine).
Thanks for advise, help.
(For the moment no mails at all are sent on a production system).

Linux debian 10
apache 2.4
Java : 1.0.15 (Eclipse Adoptium) 64bit
Java : 11.0.4 (AdoptOpenJDK) 64bit
Ucanaccess 5 (driver Lucee-Access mdb through JDBC)

The server was stable since several months. (no change at all)

Have you looked, if your sending server has been blacklisted? Can you take a look at the mail logs of Lucee?

Is Lucee sending the emails directly, or do you have a SMTP mailer as relay for receiving those, that is resending the emails to the final destinations?

I have no knowledge about mailing full system.
How can I know if the server has been blacklisted ?
Where are the mail logs in Lucee ? (what file)

I use a MailBox at Gandi to send the mails.
So in Lucee admin, I have declared
Server (SMTP)
Port 465
TLS no
SSL yes
Life Timeout 00:00:01:00
Idle Timeout 00:00:00:10

This, since beginning of the server (1 year), and it did work.

I join a tsk file found in the
WEB-INF/lucee/remote-client/open directory
00000018.tsk (9.7 KB)

Many thanks for help.

If you open up that .tsk file using a text editor you’ll find a clue: 550 5.7.1  Reject for policy reason RULE3_2: Spam detected
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So, the server can’t send mail anymore ?
There are a few mails as notification to the site admin to control the correct functionnality. (and validations of inscriptions of members)
And many mails (around 350 mails) sent when an ads is published and sent to all recorded members.
Gandi did not tell me anything. (a year before, I had another host, with no problem with sending mails)
You think, the only thing to do is discussing with Gandi ?
Thanks for advise.

If I understand, the server IP is blacklisted ?
Is there ways to correct this ? (or only Gandi can do something)

Hi @Pierre_Larde , indeed… The file you’ve posted clearly says that your mails (or how you are sending the mails) don’t/doesn’t comply with gandis policy rules. That may be the mail content, that may be rate limit (some providers do not like thousands of emails a second) and could be something else or more. I can’t tell about your other mails, but the one you’ve posted above clearly says your email has not been accepted by them. You need to contact them and ask them what to do, as documented in the link above. This is not a Lucee issues. You need to comply with gandhis sending rules.

You can check your mailserver filling its ip here:

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