Lucee4 docker configuration question


For simplicity sake, I’m running lucee4 latest docker image on my Ubuntu 16.04 box. It generally works.
My Dockerfile is very simple as well. with the following two lines;

FROM lucee/lucee4:latest
COPY www /var/www

By default, request time is 50 seconds and Request timeout in URL is unchecked.
I wonder if there’s anything that I can add to the Dockerfile that would allow me to increase the request time and make Request timeout in URL checked. Thus, when I build a lucee container and then run it it would set these parameters per my spec automatically.


What we do is have a healthcheck app which runs during the docker build which sets the main settings of the server; utf-8, timezone, timeouts etc.

We then have a second healthcheck app that runs at runtime; triggered by Kubernetes. This, on first run, sets up runtime things such as DBs, redid, etc. As the addresses for these are passed in via environmental vars.

We do all this using the admin tag.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the informative response.
I usually do “docker build …” at command line, do you mean you run it as a simple cf app/template
using cfexecute instead?

Regarding “using the admin tag”, are you referring to undocumented cfadmin tag?
Any URL resource for this tag that addresses the request time and Request timeout in URL parameters?

Much appreciated.

Yes, sort of.

During the build in the Dockerfile we use a curl command to run a small CF app that then configures Lucee…

For example, I can’t remember if this fully works as I’ve not worked on this for a while but you’ll get the gist, it’s based loosely on the Lucee Dockerfiles…

If you look here ( it’s a fairly basic Dockerfile which adds the App to the image, then adds a bash script, allows it to be executable, then executes it.

In this bash script ( it starts Lucee up, then waits for a log file to exist which tells us the Lucee has come up fully, then runs a curl command to execute a CF web app.

The Web App ( then sets the server and web instance up so a set of defaults. One being the request timeout being set to 5 minutes.

Hope this helps

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Thanks. The lucee4 I have is just one docker image, nothing else, good to know a more advanced construction of a Dockerfile though.