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Hi all,

Has anyone done anything with Lucee to integrate with Xero?

We’ve been using Private app type in Xero and it has been working great, however Xero will force us to move to Public app type and also OAUTH2 - I’m struggling and need some pointers / help !

I still have hair but might start losing it !


Hi Gary,
see if these can be useful to you:


Thanks Ivan

Have you actually tried these?

I’ve taken a look and I need a machine -to- machine method. They (Xero) have a tool (xoauth) to do so but we run all on Linux servers and to create the machine to machine needs a browser (on the same Linux server) to work …

Going slowly mad …

Hi Gary,
honestly I have not tried it… I found it on forgebox and I posted it.

Hi Gary

Did you make any progress on this? I would greatly appreciate any tips. We use 2 private apps very extensively and obviously will need to move to oauth2 quite soon.



Hi Richard - sorry I thought I’d replied.

Are you now sorted?