Lucee with Apache2 and mod_cfml

I have installed lucee on Linux Ubuntu 16.04. My server had already PHP website with Apache. I’ve installed mod_cfml. My website work great but, when I do my url like, I see my folder structure instead of going directly to index.cfm. When I click on index.cfm everyhintg works fine…

What do I need to do so go directly on the index.cfm like a php website when I go on a special url it recognize index.php…


dir module enabled.
Add index.cfm to the DirectoryIndex line in dir.conf

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Thanks a lot ! It works !!! :smiley:

You can also add the DirectoryIndex line to a virtual host if you don’t want it global.

If this is a public website, make sure you follow an Apache hardening guide to disable file listing and other things.