Lucee.transformer.bytecode.statement Error on Lucee

I’ve been working on an application that involves the use of several fields using AJAX. Up until the update to it was working. Now all of a sudden I have two separate fields in the same form that access two separate functions in the same cfc. One of the fields uses a keyup event to begin narrowing down a list of choices as the user types. The error happens immediately on this field. The other field uses a blur event to check the number entered. The blur event triggers the server error. This is the error:

The code below is for the field that dynamically narrows the list down:

	remote string function filterTrustee(required string strCh)
	output = false {

	    if( ARGUMENTS.strCh.len() == 0 ) return "";
	    var sql = "
	                SELECT trustee.firstname, trustee.lastname, trustee.trusteeID
	                FROM trustee
	                WHERE lastname like :strT 
	                ORDER BY lastname

	    var q = queryExecute(sql,
	                            strT = {value = '#ARGUMENTS.strCh#%' }
	                         } );

	    html = ""; 

	            html &= "<div id='#trusteeID#' onclick='setTrustee(""#firstname# #lastname#"",'>#firstname# #lastname# </div>";

	    return  html;
	} // end filterTrustee()

This code is for the number verification field:

	remote struct function checkCaseNO(required string caseNO)
	returnFormat = "JSON"
	returntype = 'struct'
	output = false {

		var sql = "SELECT caseNO, lastname
		           FROM debtor
		           WHERE caseNO = :cNO";
	     var q = queryExecute(sql, { cNO = {value = ARGUMENTS.caseNO} });

	     if( q.recordcount ){

	     	var s = {
	     		exists: true,
	     		msg: "The case number you entered already exists.<br><br> Case Number: #q.caseNO#<br>Debtor: #q.lastname#"

	     	return s;

	     } else {

	     	var s = {exists: false, msg:""};

	     	return s;

	} // end checkCaseNO()

As I mentioned the code worked up until the update. I don’t think it’s a code issue. Is it a Lucee server setting that I need to adjust?

My dev machine is a mac mini running Sierra OS X. Servlet is tomcat 7. Let me know if any further info is needed.

Never mind guys. Turns out I’d started working on another function within the same CFC. There was an unterminated string within the function. Once I located that everything started working correctly.

I still think that was an odd error to receive with an unterminated string.