Lucee Service Shutdown problem in Windows

I’ve tried Handle (“handle -p tomcat8.exe”) but found nothing suspicious (I see open Logfiles and Jar-Files and a few more). Actually, the Gateway I’ve created points to a Directory with only one file in it. I’ve also rebooted the server - no success.

The issue can always be reproduced in the following way: Let’s assume, there are two Sites set up in IIS (I’m using mod_cfml by the way): Site A has a DirectoryWatcher gateway defined in it’s web context; Site B hasn’t. I start up Tomcat. If I only call pages on Site B (without gateway), Tomcat will be stopped immediately from the Service Manager. If I start up Tomcat and call a page from Site A (with gateway), Tomcat cannot be stopped. If I start up Tomcat and don’t call any page, Tomcat can be stopped as well…
If you want, we can also schedule a TeamViewer session so I could show the demo “live”?

no need for a live demo, I believe you… does it happen if you don’t use IIS, i.e. call tomcat on 8888 directly?

are you familiar with commandbox? if you could set up a simple reproducable demo with commandbox
it would be awesome, that way the lucee devs can reproduce the problem which is what they need to be able to diagnose the the problem

Good idea. I’ve called and created a new DirectoryWatcher Event Gateway. Same issue. As soon as gateway is created (and started), Tomcat cannot be stopped. I did some more tests: Start Tomcat - Gateway is startet automatically. Then in Web Manager: STOP the event gateway => Tomcat still cannot be stopped; but it says “stopped” by the event gateway. Kill Tomcat process and restart again. Now, I DELETE the gateway from within the Web Manager: => Tomcat service now can be stopped in the regular way. Conclusion: It doesn’t matter whether the gateway is running or not; I can only Tomcat in a normal way, if there is no gateway defined at all…

I’ve also tried with commandbox:
start cfengine=lucee@5
In the site starting up, I create the same Event Gateway from the web manager. Then, in Commandbox => “stop” => is shutting down immediately/normally.
Actually; in the Server admin under “Servlet container” it tells me “WildFly”. I’m not that familiar with commandbox. Can it also bring up a Tomcat Servlet? I think, the problem is related to TomCat…

I’ve added our UseCase - almost identical Eventgateway problem - to the Lucee bug:

Have you tried the latest snapshot? 5.2.9.x?

Is there a fix in it for this specifically? Otherwise I need to reinstall everything, because just updating Lucee internally does nothing to the Tomcat/Java versions.

Why do you think it’s tomcat/Java related, rather than lucee specific problem which might have already been fixed in the latest snapshot?

Well, because we have it working on a Windows 2012 server with Lucee with a prior version of Tomcat/Java shipped. On the other Windows server (2016) it doesn’t and our hostingprovider tells us they’ve downgraded Tomcat/Java to the same level, but this does not work. Difference left then is Windows version. But do you know of a fix in the latest snapshot that could possibly fix this? Do you know if the bug has been validated and/or tested by Lucee devs? It’s quite cumbersome to install the latest snapshot on a new server to isolate this issue, so I want to make sure our hostingprovider’s time is worth it :wink: It still baffles me why it would work locally on a set of laptops and on one server, but not on other servers.

out of interest, is it a very large folder of files the directory watcher is configured to watch?

because it’s doing a recursive scan of the directories and this can be very io intensive, which maybe
the reason why tomcat won’t respond to shutdown

for 5.3, I updated the directory watcher to do more detailed useful logging and log out any errors.

you can just drop this new version of the cfc into your current version under

the older 5.2.x version also did two scans of the entire watched folder on startup which is extra load and was unnecessary, if it’s watching a large folder, that can take a very long time (twice as long for 5.2.x as for 5.3)

Hi @Zackster, for us this is not the issue, the issue is simply adding an Eventgateway crashes the Windows Lucee service :wink: What is the timeframe for investigating this issue further and possibly getting a fix out there if it really is a Lucee error? We have 25+ servers waiting for migration from Adobe ColdFusion to Lucee, but without a working Eventgateway we cannot move forward. Tips?