Lucee-server.xml in Lucee 6.0

I have come across an issue while install ing the latest Lucee version.
To avoid having to set up over 100 datasources manually I was just intending on copzing the lucee-server.xml (C:\lucee\tomcat\lucee-server\context\lucee-server.xml) to my new machine. However in the new versions lucee does not seem to care about this file and therefore doesn’t add the datasources.

Is this file moved somewhere new or is there any other way to bulk import datasources?

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OS: Windows
Lucee Version:

Lucee 6 uses a JSON format for configuration now instead of XML - that will be why it is ignoring your server.xml file.

You may be able to use the new ConfigImport() function to programmatically import your datasources if you read your XML file into a struct.

There will also be CommandBox and cfconfig as another option to import them:

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