Lucee running but service not installed in Windows Control panel

I have an install of Lucee on Windows 2012R2 that was giving me some problem. It was originally a test server and It had an older version of lucee (5.xx).

Wanting to now use it I uninstalled Lucee, Unistalled IIS, deleted the \inetpub folder, deleted the \Lucee folder, rebooted (twice) then reinstalled IIS and Lucee using the Windows installer. The installation ran through fine, Lucee/Tomcat started and it is working just fine.

However when I look in the services control panel to stop/start Lucee it’s not listed. It was before and it is on other installation we have but not this machine.

How would I go about reinstalling the service control for Lucee manually?

The name of the Windows service set by the installer changed at some point from “Lucee Tomcat” (or similar) to “Apache Tomcat 9.0 Lucee”. Is that listed?

Of course it had the be the very first service in the list. Thank you. I can’t believe I missed that.