Lucee Roadmap update

Lucee 5.3 is EOL, no more releases (aside from security fixes)

Lucee 5.4 is being maintained, but not actively developed (that’s what we currently recommend for production)

Lucee 6.0 is actively being developed, currently in RC, close too our first stable 6.0 release

The current sprint board for 6.0 before stable Just regressions!

Sprint as planned for 6.1, which is a performance focussed sprint, i.e faster and smaller, plus hopefully Java 17+ support

With the 6 Series, we will be doing 6.0, 6.1, 6.2 releases


Really looking forward to the stable 6.0 release, RC tests have been all good on a site currently running CF.

There’s an error on at the moment FYI

So, just want to clarify that if you want to consider your business, clients, etc to be running on a supported version of Lucee, please update to the latest 5.4 release.

The latest 5.3 release, currently 5.3.12 will receive further security updates, when possible.

Please understand and take action, Lucee 5.4 has had all the underlying java libraries updated, so if a zero day vulnerability occurs which cannot be easily patched due to old java libs, etc, the Lucee team will patch and release the 5.4 release immediately and then potentially the latest 5.3 stable release later, if both feasible and possible

If you are still running older releases like 5.3.7, 5.3.8, 5.3.9 (or earlier) which just received emergency releases, you should be planning to update to immediately

If there is a blocker which is preventing you upgrading, let us know

And please consider sponsoring the Lucee project if you haven’t already!

Thanks for your understanding