Lucee returning blank page after long delay on some pages

We have a strange issue that affects only a few pages, and only with
specific parameters. The result is that affected pages take a very long to
respond and eventually return a blank page.

You can see the issue
If you select the 13th you see the issue. Any other date works fine. I have
a backup server
with the same setup, same script, same database, but which works fine.

The workaround we have found is that if we add a tag at the end
of the script, the problem goes away.

We use Windows 2012 R2. We first noticed the issue when running Lucee We recently upgraded to Lucee with Tomcat 8.0.35 and
Java 1.8.0_92. The issue seems to present less since the upgrade, but it
never presented before version

Any ideas what the problem might be?


A bit more detail that might be relevant… while the backup server is a
single instance, the primary consists of two servers behind a load
balancer. Both servers show items in the Event Log like the following:

Event code: 3001
Event message: The request has been aborted.
Event time: 7/27/2016 9:52:43 AM
Event time (UTC): 7/26/2016 11:52:43 PM
Event ID: fecb8357f99e40149eada32ce4f6385b
Event sequence: 98829
Event occurrence: 8
Event detail code: 0

Application information:
Application domain: /LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT-1-131139786888359999
Trust level: Full
Application Virtual Path: /
Application Path: C:\Website\
Machine name: WIN-xxxxxx

Process information:
Process ID: 1728
Process name: w3wp.exe
Account name: IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool

Exception information:
Exception type: HttpException
Exception message: Request timed out.

Request information:
Request URL:
Request path: /golf/vacancy.cfm
User host address: 172.x.x.x
Is authenticated: False
Authentication Type:
Thread account name: IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool

Thread information:
Thread ID: 13
Thread account name: IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool
Is impersonating: False
Stack trace:

Custom event details:

Problem solved.

We were able to establish that the issue was related to the Boncode
connector, rather than Lucee itself, as the pages that weren’t responding
through IIS were accessible direct from Tomcat on port 8888.

Changing the PacketSize setting from its default (8192) to 65536 did the

  • in BonCode Setting file, add 65536

  • in Tomcat server.xml change the AJP line and add the corresponding
    packetSize directive, for example:

  • perform an ordered restart: shut down IIS, then Tomcat, then start
    Tomcat, and finally start IIS

Big thanks to Gert and Bilal for their help on this one.