Lucee page speed

OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 (also other servers)
Java Version: 11.0.6
Tomcat Version: 9.0.31
Lucee Version: Lucee

Hello everybody!

We have been working on a application for couple of years now and one of the main problems is the performance. This was mainly caused by the use of the ORM framework and within the entityLoad function. Native queries are much faster and we didn’t know that (why would you even use ORM)

But now I’m trying to improve the general page performance. The thing is that why I load a complete empty page it still takes 1.1 seconds! So we have lucee installed and I’ve a seperate folder with just an empty page, so that nothing is loaded of the framework. The 1.1 seconds is the same on the server and externally.

Personally I’ve no idea if this is caused by Lucee of perhaps IIS or something else. What I can tell you that I’ve installed XAMPP on my PC and when I load an empty page there, it takes about 0.04 seconds.

Has anyone have an idea where I should look to improve this? This is BTW a virtual server on a real server inside my boss’s home.

Hi @DrunkenMoose,

that sounds familiar… Can you read my and zacs post and check if this might be also your issue?


Omg wow that helped! I changed the IP in the server.xml of tomcat and it’s actually a second faster.
That’s great news! Thanks for your suggestion.


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Forwarding the thanks to @Zackster who found this awesome workaround. Still don’t know how Zac came up with the idea, however … he is the hero on this one :smiley:

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it only occurred to me coz I read years back something about how networks stacks handle ipv6 and ipv4, basically it tries one then the other…

Thanks zac!