Lucee on Windows server 2008 problem

This is not a specific Lucee problem,
I have a Windows serveur 2008 R2 , licence bought on Ebay a year ago.
Lucee 4.5 is installed on. With Access databases (.mdb files), unsing Ucanaccess drivers.
All working fine.

The problem is that Windows is randomly rebooting automatically twice a day.
(Without any kind of Schedule)
And when rebooting, I loose the declared datasources,
I need to restart Lucee sometime after to find back my datasources.

If Windows do not reboot randomly, all is working fine.
Any help should be appreciated on that OS Windows rebooting problem.

Thanks, Pierre.

My initial guess is you are getting a BSOD and it is rebooting. You can check for dump files or maybe in event viewer. You could turn off the automatic reboot in system properties to see the Death screen.

Maybe run a memory checker.

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I would run event viewer and find the reason you are rebooting. Usually its the sign of a failing hardware.

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