Lucee on macOS

Is there any plan for creating Lucee installer for macOS?

No, LAS has no plans to create a Mac OS installer at this time.

This is mainly because it is not really an OS that people run production servers on. While many developers use Mac OS, like myself and I’m guessing yourself, it is normally better to replicate as closely as possible your production environment on your development machine. Normally you would do this using a virtual machine running your production OS, e.g. Linux or Windows, or if you are running a containerised environment using something like Docker.

If I just want to do something quickly or the environment doesn’t really matter too much then using CommandBox ( is by far the easiest way to get a server up and running quickly.

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You can always download and unzip Lucee Express if you’re looking for a quick environment to play around with.

PS. I’m on Mac but Docker :whale: all the way :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was thinking the same - I’m going to use VB. Thanks for the quick reply guys!

Is anyone from the community interested in creating a MacOS installer for Lucee?

the Lucee installer is built using which also supports MacOS

here’s the installer config, the linux support would only need a bit of tweaking