Lucee on Jetty configuration does not pick up instantiated variables from context

Hello, I am new to Lucee (and Railo) and I was tasked to upgrade a legacy system (using Railo 2) to Lucee on Jetty. To get Lucee up on Jetty I found this site: Lucee on Jetty :: Sorcerer’s Isle. I was able to get everything setup, but the problem I am running into is that Lucee is not able to use instantiated variables from the existing java servlet and throws a nullpointer exception. The servlet uses Lucee as a coldfusion interpreter to process an cfm ajax page to launch into the java application.

Part of the issue is I am not able to get Luccee to pick up the classes that are located in the main servlet’s WEB-INF/classes folder, possibly because it is operating in a separate JVM or because the classpath for Lucee needs to be configured so that webapp classes folder is available. So basically I see it as a scope issue that the two are not operating in the same context.