Lucee on Docker questions

We’re new to docker and trying to work through some issues with running/managing Lucee setups on docker. We’ve had a few issues, and are hoping others have seen them and can tell us how to resolve them.

  1. It seems like onApplicationStart is not firing on a new docker deployment. We have a process that runs in the onApplicationStart that loads scheduled tasks from a DB and loads them into the application. For some reason these tasks are not being setup on redeployments.

  2. We need the cfspreadsheet extension, but no matter what we do, we continually get the following error: “invalid component definition, can’t find component [org.cfpoi.spreadsheet.Spreadsheet]”. We have tried to copy the spreadsheet war file into the docker files, install it locally and then deploy, etc. It never becomes available.

Anyone have experience with these issues that might be able to tell us what we’re doing wrong?