Lucee on Docker - applying patches

I’m a Docker and Lucee newbie. I have a couple of Docker images that use the image lucee/lucee52-nginx . My Dockerfile specifies a version rather than “latest” (FROM lucee/lucee-52-nginx: Prior to the image lucee/lucee52-nginx being updated on Docker Hub with the latest patch, how do you all apply patches. Do you apply the patch and and then remember to re-apply the patch if you need to re-deploy the container?

I see that image the on Docker hub was updated 8 days ago for, so I’ll re-create my images to use this version and then deploy updated containers. I’m wondering what folks do for maintaining their containers between the release of a patch and the image update on Docker hub.


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Your options are:

  • wait for the next container update that includes that patch (simplest)
  • use the latest Docker base image but copy the updated Lucee Core file into the patches folder via your project Dockerfile
  • create your own Dockerfile for the base image and update it to the latest JAR release as needed

We wait for the next official Docker image to be released before updating; ie. patching.

The very latest Core and JAR files are available here;