Lucee not refreshing symbolic link target

Our deploy procedure uses a symbolic link as web-root folder. This allows us to toggle between releases by simply changing the symbolic link target.

This works fine in other languages, like php. But Lucee doesn’t seem to notice if the symlink was updated. It keeps going to the previous target until we restart the lucee service.

I did some research and tried changing the performance/caching parameters of the lucee server and web scopes. I also cleared all the caches and tried applying extra flags to the (re)creation of the symbolic link like ln -sfn to first unlink the target and to treat the link file as a normal file, but this doesn’t work either.

I want to avoid doing service restarts with each deploy, because there are multiple websites running on Lucee on this server. I don’t want to create interruptions on site A when site B gets an update.

Does anyone else has this issue?