Lucee / MariaDB issue

I’m trying to get a dev environment set up on a Windows 10 Home edition using Lucee and MariaDB.

First, I set up MariaDB, logged in as root, and created a database I wanted to use for my dev site. I then installed Lucee, and set a password for the Server and Web admin areas during the set up process.

I then went back to MariaDB to try and log in so I could set up the database and could not log in. I restarted the service, but still could not get in. I’m getting the “Access denied for User ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password YES)” message.

I went to the Lucee Server and Web admin pages and could not log in there either.

Could installing Lucee after MariaDB have messed things up? Should I uninstall them both and reinstall them, doing Lucee first, and then MariaDB? Or is there something else I should be looking at?


I don’t think so. Setting up a password for Lucees Server/Webadmin doesn’t change anything in MariaDB. I would leave Lucee installed and uninstall/reinstall MariaDB (removing the data of the DB also).