Lucee locking up on Windows Server 2008 R2

Hello everyone,

I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 VPS and I have been running several
websites on it using Railo without any issues for several months. Once I
switched to Lucee (I followed steps for manual installation) websites are
locking up daily. Basically Tomcat becomes unresponsive and all the
websites go down. The only thing that works is restarting the Railo
service. This now happens once or twice a day. I have not change any code
on any of the websites since switching to Lucee. I looked at Tomcat log
files and everything looks good there. Server resources are also good
(operating at less than 5% processor and 40% memory) Any ideas on what else
should I look at? Has anyone else had the same experience?


Sound weard. I have moved from Railo to Lucee on my development server
(Windows 2008 R2) last week and i didn’t make the your experiences. The
server is also not under heavy load, but in use for the whole day.