Lucee keeps downloading ehcache

When starting up express edition, this keeps scrolling

download org.lucee.ehcache:2.10.3 from and copy to C:\mobiuss\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.wst.server.core\tmp5\lucee-server\bundles\org-lucee-ehcache-2-10-3.jar
found org.lucee.ehcache-2.10.3.jar:false

And it just keeps looping and looping.

If you stop the server and try again it never tries to download it again.

So my questions are:

a. Why is it trying to download it on first startup.
b. Is there a way to force it to download it again or just place it somewhere manually?

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Which edition of Express? In theory, all the default extensions should be included as part of the build that assembles the Express edition for distribution.

The latest.

Also the reason it keeps trying is because it’s blocked here.

I’ve analysed this issue,It occurs when the /lucee-express- is not exists and while started the express edition its just show this message

download org.lucee.ehcache:2.10.3 from and copy to C:\Users\Stone\Desktop\lucee-express-\lucee-server\bundles\org-lucee-ehcache-2-10-3.jar
found org.lucee.ehcache-2.10.3.jar:false

and then after downloading the jar file its working fine. Again I’ve reproduced the same steps after disabled my network connection, then the above message get looping and looping. So as per my knowledge, the problem was in network connectivity while downloading the missing jar file.

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the reason was that the hibernate extension (that needs ehcache jar but does not bundle it), is loaded before the ehcache extension (that bundles the ehcache jar). this should be solved in the latest 5.1.4.