[Lucee] Imagemagick jar file in Lucee 5

You still copy jars to the classpath the same way you could do as with
Lucee 4.5.
How the classpath is organized of course depends on the bundle you use,
with tomcat you can copy for example to “/lib” or “/lib/etc”.

In addition Lucee 5 support OSGi, so you can copy OSGi bundles to
“lucee-server/bundles” and start on demand.
Lucee 5 can even load download OSGi bundles automatically from our update
provider or from central maven.

MichaOn Thu, May 26, 2016 at 11:34 AM, Tjarko Rikkerink < @Tjarko_Rikkerink> wrote:


Where to put the JAR file in Lucee 5?? The context/lib directory is gone…
is it just a question of creating that again or should we put jar files in
a different location with Lucee 5 install.

Regards, Tjarko

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