Lucee executes files with wrong directory?!

We just upgraded to Lucee and have a mysterious problem that we’ve been trying to figure out all night here.

Say, you load a template /news/index.cfm

and it seems that totally randomly, it every now and then does this:

It first executes /news/Application.cfm properly

Then, all of a sudden, instead of executing /news/index.cfm, it executes /index.cfm instead.

Causing obviously a problem, as subfolder’s Application.cfm doesn’t have all the stuff the root folder Application.cfm has, etc.

And this happens totally at random, restart fixes the problem in one server instance, but it appears in another one immediately after this.

@derddu, I’ve hit the /news/index.cfm file as same as you said and it correctly runs the same file /news/index.cfm. Could you please check this once again.

There’s a Jira issue about this at the moment…