Lucee error templates location

Where are located the Lucee error templates in V5 ?

In the administration, I have
General Error Template (500) : error-neo.cfm
same for : Missing Template Error (404)

I do not know where should be located the file : error-neo.cfm

Also, if I select the other radio button : /lucee/templates/error/error-neo.cfm
It does not take effect.

Lost with Lucee server templates error. (with V5, it is OK with v4)


Hi @Pierre_Larde,

I checked with lucee latest version error templates were working fine for me. Error template exist here WEB-INF\lucee\context\templates\error.

All the error template were working fine for me. If you have any issue please add the version which you did face this issue.

I think I found the problem

There is the cferror for custom error

The custom error send a mail with this variable : #error.rootCause#
It seems that variable have a problem in V5.0.0.252 ?
I have this code
<cfif isdefined(“error.rootCause”)>
Cause :


If I take off the display of #error.rootCause#
all does work fine.

Same error file does work under v4.5

Where to find all error variables availables (error structure) ?

Thanks for help