Lucee email validation error/ cant use uppercase character

We switched to use Lucee last month. Using on Windows.
Been getting complaints from users that get a message that states “Please enter a valid email address”.
Its been driving us nuts since we dont have that verbage anywhere.
Just realized that Lucee has some control on form input type of email.
If the user enters a upper case character it thinks its not a valid email address.
I dont see any controls in the admin.
Any advice how to change this policy?
p.s. Just found this temp patch as well.
However when I try to update the file /lucee/context/form.cfm it doesnt apply to the site, even after restarting Lucee…

please vote for issues if you are affected by them

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Hi @californiaimage,

Yeah, Issue occurs on lucee version. But lucee- version fix this issue. So,Can you update latest patch file.