Lucee Docs - Server version

Is it possible to tell what version of Lucee Server the docs are showing?

Is it possible to show docs for a particular version of Lucee Server?

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All things are possible, of course :slight_smile:

I personally think that having some clear and consistent system for indicating what version(s) a page relates to, or what certain parts of the page related to is the way to go. I can think of:

  • First introduced in version X notice
  • Version history (e.g. - Added the X argument, etc.)

Can you think of anything else or other approaches that could work? (my overall preference is that the docs should be for the most up to date released version and clearly indicate version differences in the one place, much like the JQuery docs do)

personally, I am not bothered when a feature was added.

If I specify what version I am running on, I would like to look at doco for
that version.
If I am looking at Lucee 4.5, I do not need to see what is in Lucee 5.

However, if I just go to and search, I should get the latest

So maybe something like this

I guess it might have to go down to patch level.
So that would mean, not only having a version on a tag or function,
but also each attribute/argument

So if an attribute was added at 4.5.005
and I was searching 4.5.007 it would show
but if added in 5.0.001, it would not

Not sure that the currents structure would support this

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We could do something smart with a filter on index pages and search results but I still strongly believe in having a single set of documents.

For instance, we could markup all index links to tags, functions and pages with something like:

<a href=".." data-min-version="4.5.0" data-max-version="HEAD">My function</a>

Then use js to do the hiding and/or add some visuals to indicate that not relevant to your currently selected version.

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I’d like to see more documentation in the source code itself, and have that generated out into the docs when no doc is available.

There are issues with putting all docs in the code, but I think there should be basic information there in ‘every’ file of code at the minimum.

JSDuck would be great then for generating docco from source. Then you get all the dependancy links also.