Lucee Dockerfiles


Trying to put together a set of generally useful Docker images on DockerHub
for the community. Would welcome feedback on configuration options that
people might find useful. For now we have images based on official openJDK
Java 8 and Tomcat as this resembles the Lucee installers. Also we have an
integrated NGINX/Tomcat container that’s very handy.

The Github repository contains Dockerfiles to build Lucee application

Docker images are available on Docker Hub:

I’ve put together a simple project structure or “workbench” for developing
with Lucee and Docker that spins up with Vagrant. It should work for just
about any CFML app that runs under the webroot:

And another more complex workbench (based on the same approach) showcasing
a full FarCry Core implementation with local database options for mySQL or


– geoff bowers

Awesome work Geoff, docker + vagrant seems like the way to go to speed up local development, thanks for doing to legwork.