Lucee Docker images issue

I am trying to get a simple version of my app running in Docker rather than locally.

I am staring the Lucee docker image with
docker run --name test -p 80:80 -v/tmp/tt:/var/www -it lucee/lucee51-nginx


  1. this doesn’t give me an interactive shell prompt (-it normally does, right ?)
  2. the lucee admin isn’t available. I just get a 403 from nginx http://localhost/lucee/admin/server.cfm

Might be easier to start with a simple project structure with its own Dockerfile

The admin is specifically blocked by default. You will need to implement an NGINX config that removes the admin block. There’s an example in that project I linked.

You say simple, then point to a blog post that requires install a whole bunch of other stuff (this making it more complicated).
I don’t need a VM to launch my Docker images in so Docker Workbench is pointless ?

Though I see what you mean about the Nginx config.

The official Lucee uses

and replacing from

should do the job without the overhead of the installs :slight_smile:

Any idea how to get a console on the Lucee image ? Super handy for debugging…

The link in that git repo to the workbench is a little out of date. The project structure is all I was referring to.

Been meaning to write up our internal docker :whale: tool chain for some time, will probably have a crack sooner rather than later.

Only if the entrypoint you are running takes input – in this case the entrypoint is Tomcat, so no, Tomcat will just start up.

If you have a running container and you want to attach a bash shell to it, you can do something like;

docker ps
docker exec -it YOUR_CONTINAER_ID bash

Put together a little blog post over the weekend that might be of interest:

Nice. I think I’m there now with automatic mass-virtual hosting working fine.

This means I can give it to anyone on the team, and they just create project.localdomain in their hosts file, and it serves out of the ‘project’ sub folder of the /var/www volumne.

We’ve recently detailed our approach to team development in docker:

We’re working on some more detailed daily workflows too :slight_smile:

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