Lucee decryption

I am new to Lucee. I current run CF on my site. I haven’t take the step
to move over yet.

The first thing that comes to mind is - Will Lucee runs faster than CF?
Will it be able to decrypt data encrypted with CF encrypt function? Thanks.

Lucee is on par with the performance of ACF - some things may run faster,
some things may run a touch slower but overall the performance can be
considered equal.

And yes, Lucee is compatible with ACF (minus a few CFGUI bits and other
minor bells and whistles) so anything encrypted with ACF can be decrypted
with Lucee, or vice versa. They both use the Java security methods under
the hood and encryption/decryption is based on standards - so, technically,
you can encrypt/decrypt data in any language (PHP, Node, etc.) so long as
you have the keys and are using the same algorithm(s). But I digress - you
are perfectly safe to try moving over to Lucee.

The easiest way to test an existing ACF application for compatibility
issues with Lucee would be to download and run CommandBox
( and then from within
the development code directory (on your local machine, for example) you
would simply do:

box start

on the command line from within the code directory and CommandBox will spin
up a Lucee 4.5.x server running your code - it even opens the browser up
for you :slight_smile: