Lucee Association Switzerland - Invitation to dinner at dev.objective

Dear Lucee Users,

We would like to invite all supporters of the Lucee Association Switzerland
to a dinner during the dev.Objective conference. The dinner is to be held
at the Hard Rock Cafe in the Mall of America at 5:30pm on Wednesday 13th

This will be an opportunity for the Lucee users attending the dev.Objective
conference to meet with the members and supports of the Lucee Association
Switzerland and talk about the future of Lucee and the direction we would
all like to take it. Representatives from all member companies, Rasia,
Pixl8, mso, daemon and Ortus Solutions will be in attendance.

Please be aware that as a not-for-profit association we would ask you to
pay for your own dinner, drinks, etc… as we don’t consider this to be a
good use of the associations funds and LAS paying would also be unfair to
people who are unable to attend. We have attached a copy of the menu, for
your information, and we will be ordering on the night so there is no need
to let us know before hand what you would like.

Please RSVP here on the list ASAP so we can get an idea of numbers.

Kind regards,

Lucee Association Switzerland

Myself and Daria Norris will be attending

I’ll be there.

SethOn Tue, May 12, 2015 at 11:53 AM, Steven Neiland <@Steven_Neiland> wrote:

Myself and Daria Norris will be attending

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