Lucee alternative for <cfreportparam>

I am currently working on moving my coldfusion program to lucee In the process i have found that lucee doesn’t support the attributes: “subreport” and “query” for the but in my code i have several line like this one

<cfreportparam subreport="someSubReport" query="someQuery">

I would like to know if there is an alternative or the only solution is to delete those lines.


cfreport isn’t supported in Lucee

I saw the documentation but when i use the like this

<cfreportparam name="someName" value="#someValue#">

it run’s just fine so i thought that the doc was not updated or something like that

It’s a bit confusing coz Lucee internally contains the tag and argument definitions for these tags.

It checks for, and complains about the required arguments being missing in the first parsing pass, but then will eventually throws not supported afterwards via java