Lucee Admin Screen Only Rendering in Incognito Mode


I am a newbie to Lucee and have been learning how to get a site up and running via Commandbox.

When I spin up a Lucee server ( v5+ ) and navigate to the admin screen, I get the following error:

Yet, if I copy the URL lucee/admin/server.cfm into a new Chrome incognito window, everything works great.

I did a search on this but didn’t really find anything.

Has anyone else dealt with this?

Hi, looks like your password in your web context hasn’t been set up. But from my point of view you shouldn’t see any error, but be redirected to the login screen. I’d try deleting all the cookies in that situation.

Thanks Andreas,

I deleted all cookies in Chrome and all is well now. Regarding have a pw set up in web context, where exactly would that be? Am I close here?:


Until you haven’t set up a password in webcontext (in the web admin), the password will be the same as your Lucee Server Admin password. Just login to your Lucee Server Admin, click on the “Web-Icon” in the top right corner, which will redirect you to the Web Administrator: and find the way to setup the password in there (security, password or somewhere similar you should find it)