Lucee 5 with docker image on jelastic

installed MuraCMS7.1 using docker image with mysql5.7 and lucee5 at Jelastic cloud
setup completed. but index.cfm throws lucee runtime error-500 server error with the message source file [/var/w/config/settings.ini.cfm] is not a file
Error message is attached

um, does the file exist?

Yes. the file exists at root\var\www\config.

Please suggest.

are you sure? that’s two different paths so far? /var/w/ or /var/www/ ?

there is only one dir, /var/www/.
and no /var/w/ exists.

but your initial error screenshot says [/var/w/config/…]

please let me know what customization/ config settings have to be done at jelastic cloud.

According to the screenshot you posted, Lucee can’t read a file in a directory which you say doesn’t exist

I can think of one obvious solution…

have downloaded the latest docker image and the issue solved.