Lucee 5 - rest session scope

I have a cfc being used as a REST service in version 4 and it works great.
It uses session scope.
After upgrading to version Lucee it seems this cfc when called as a REST service no longer has access to the same session as the CF application calling it. (its supposed to be the same application)

I have found that when the Application.cfc extends another component, the REST calls to this app do not apparently follow convention as they did in lucee4

Most of my session scope variables are set in the component I am extending. I am not sure how to make them available to the REST components.

can you create a test case and log it in jira?

I figured this would happen :slight_smile:

In setting up my test I see that simple use cases work as expected.

The component my Application.cfc’s are extending is where my session variables get set.

Basically we are looking in session scope to see if you are logged in by our SSO. If you are, session scope gets filled in. if not you get sent to SSO server.

Hi @RonFusion,

I’ve checked with sample Rest service. It’s working fine for me. Can you attach sample Zip file to reproduce the issue? It helps me to find out the issue.

Unfortunately the code causing this I cannot share.
So I will have to try to recreate.