Lucee 5 install

When I installed the latest version of Lucee 5 on Windows, the default port was 8888 and the default directory c:\lucee\tomcat\webapps\ROOT

I would like the default port to be 80 and default root directory to be c:\inetpub\wwwroot.

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Check in your tomcat server.xml file. The port for the HTTP listener is stored there as well as the default doc root for the Lucee context. If you’re fronting your install with IIS or Apache, the web root will get picked up from the web server as long as you have mod CFML set up correctly.

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I chose to install the mod CFML. There were no errors or options for

Is there another way to force it at installation time to get port 80 and


I’m not really sure. I don’t use the Lucee installer any longer as CommandBox will start servers in way less time with less effort and lets you easily choose the port as well as opens up the browser for you and sticks a nice icon in your system tray. :slight_smile: I haven’t had a typical ColdFusion or Lucee “install” in years.


I’ve modified the Tomcat Host Configuration file so the Connector Port is
now port 80.

I also tried to add <Context path="" docBase="C:/inetpub/wwwroot" ?> to the
host .

When I try to run the Server Administrator, it gets an internal server

Without the Context statement, port 80 and the Server Administrator work on
port 80.

How can I modify the docBase correctly?


Hi there,
Was a solution ever found for this? I have an Ubuntu 14.04 server, with Apache currently running some PHP scripts and I’m having the exact same issue. I have mod_cfml installed, and it seems to be working, in that it set up a valve to Tomcat in server.xml.

I saw elsewhere here that it is supposed to be possible to just do

<Context path="" docBase="/somefolder" />

in Tomcat’s server.xml, but when I do that, it doesn’t work at all.

I can send PHP generated content to port 8000, and use iptables to send traffic for port 80 to port 8888, which to me is a kludge, but I don’t want to have to be mixing CF code with PHP code, hence the need to change the docbase.

I’ve spent two days on this so far, it should be easy. There are no satisfactory answers in the Railo instructions, and Lucee instructions are non-existent. There’s nothing fancy about this setup, it should be possible to go to web.cfm or server.cfm, and set this up, but I haven’t found where this can be done.