Lucee 5 - CFPOP and java mail functions support?

Good day,

Easy question here, CFPOP tag does not work for me, apparently some JAVA error (attached below) is preventing the login process from happening. I made some basic research and apparently Lucee has its own mail runtime to interpret login variables or Lucee is not using the correct mail.jar. Im not really sure about it. So question is: Has anyone been able to retrieve mail through CFIMAP or CFPOP in Lucee?

Thank you for your help.

It surprised me when I googled the error that no questions were made about this exception.

This question is more suitable for the Mailing List:!forum/lucee

But in short, yes, IMAP and POP should work fine. There are a few POP related issues in the JIRA, which you should review and see if any matches the issue that you’re experiencing. If so, please add your comments to the ticket."cfpop"

If not, and you believe this to be a bug, please open a new ticket.