Lucee 5 and Cpanel


I can see you would not, but there are only 3 of us, supporting and developing a complex Warranty application for manufactures. We are all about the application and warranty business process and we rely on the management and advice for the servers on a small hosting company we have partnered with since 2004. We use cPanel on 3 servers and have never used CLI, so would not feel confident doing so. Anything we are not sure about server wise or need advice on performance and security issues we pass to our partners. We just would not get that kind of partnership with corporations like Amazon, we are nothing to them.


Hi William,

If you’d like to work with a control panel that works well with Lucee, I’d recommend VirtualMin. It’s free and doesn’t futz with permissions like cPanel does. It’s the cPanel permission system that makes it a huge pain to work with. VirtualMin doesn’t have that, and things “just work”. It’s nice.

Brad and Mark,

I hope you know by now that I respect the hell out of you both, but I have to disagree with you on some of your assumptions. You seem to be looking at the world solely from a ‘sysops’ perspective, and that’s a very narrow viewpoint. William is a great example of WHY you don’t want to limit yourself to that one particular viewpoint.

“Why would I go to a hosting provider when I can spin up a… [insert whatever]”

… because not everyone knows how to use one of those. Not everyone knows ‘sysops’ like you guys do. A smaller hosting provider (::points at William again::slight_smile: can provide custom support to folks that do not know sysops and help them. When you recommend HSP’s like DI or Amazon you’re recommending providers that couldn’t give two eggs from the same chicken about the people you’re sending them, and you’re cutting off potential grass roots supporters right at the root.

Most SMB’s - you know, the folks that make up the majority of the US economy - don’t care about language. They want to get up and running quickly. That’s why simple platforms like WordPress are doing so staggeringly well.

“…a company who makes stacks of cash from selling Lucee hosting…”
Do you know any companies like that? I don’t. I know of one… maybe, but we’re not close enough friends for me to know the details of their financials. I DO know a hosting company that is passionate about Lucee and CFML in general, and they have done many many things to support Lucee over the years. Sometimes though, they need to focus on making ends meet. Companies like that need your support, just like you need theirs.

Bottom line: maybe recommending solutions that require sysops knowledge isn’t always going to be the right fit.


You are right but it should not stop me doing it. I don’t know all the details of the users and I try to show them there is more to their profession and things they should learn for their own sake.

I didn’t always know it. I wasn’t born with congenital knowlege of the domain. I try to learn every day, I read, I test and that is how I get some knowledge. I also talk to ISP’s and people that DO know devops and sysops and see how I can work that into my workflow or client’s workflows.

@William_Davison CLI is not the be-all and end all of your stack. I have been automating WINDOWS IIS / ColdFiusion deploys for a while now. Now you know it’s possible you can know that you don’t need to depend on C-panel, but there are options out there for you to take.

I realise I have gone on a tangent. Regardless, @Jordan_Michaels makes great points and he is the person who would know as he runs a very good hosting company called Viviotech (do check them out)

You should also have a good chat with your partner hosting company and see where they can help, maybe simple pre-configured VM’s without Cpanel ?


Thanks Mark for your message. I am hoping we can get Jordan’s “in-house docs: Install Lucee on cPanel w/Apache 2.4” working.

Jordan Our hosting people are asking “Are there any installation instructions for lucee / virtualmin?”

Does Virtualmin have automatic security updates?
They point out “You lose a lot when you take away cPanel… Like daily security updates”


Hi William,

We simply use the Lucee Installer for Linux with VirtualMin. There’s really nothing to it. Install the OS (I recommend Ubuntu), install VirtualMin, install Lucee. Done.

For “daily security updates”, you get those from the OS, not the control panel, so you won’t lose those by switching your control panel. Again, VirtualMin / Webmin has been around for an extremely long time. They’re tried and true. I don’t have a horse in this race, so I have nothing to push. I’m just recommending solutions that are simple and that I know will work. If you or your host are not comfortable switching control panels, that’s totally cool. No matter what you choose to do, I’m happy to help!