Lucee 5.3 / Tomcat 9 / OpenJDK?

I’m setting up a complete fresh/new Lucee site running on Windows Server 2016.
It’ll be the most actual Lucee release build (
Questions are now for Tomcat and Java…

Tomcat => Is Tomcat 9 officially supported / recommended? Or is Tomcat 8 the better solution?

Java => I think, it’ll be OpenJDK… What version is supported/recommended? From the official OpenJDK site (, it’ll be JDK-12.0.01. Is version 12 fine or shall I go with 11? I’m also a bit confused about the different download possibilities… What’s the difference of the “GA Release” (File is called and the “Reference Implementation (RI)” (File is called Both have the same size…
Or would you download OpenJDK from (I think, CommandBox uses that version)

Using Oracles Java, there was always a choice between JRE or JDK. Has this choice gone with OpenJDK? Is it always the JDK (full package)?
On adoptopenjdk, I see that there IS a choice from JDK or JRE… is JDK needed, or would JRE be fine?

Any reason you aren’t just using the official Lucee installer?

It bundles Tomcat 9.0.14 and OpenJDK 11.0.3

however, there are currently some known issues with java 11 & 12

There are actually two reasons why I don’t use the installer:

  1. Separation of programs and data/config. The installer - if this is still the case - puts everything in one directory (C:\Lucee?). I got this idea from the page Updating Tomcat for example is a bit easier; just copying the bin files but keep config files… Your opinion of “why to use installer” is welcome!
  2. The installer still uses Boncode, right? I actually switched from BonCode to Microsofts Application Request Routing (ARR) because I had issues with file uploads using BonCode (described on; is probably fixed now)

Installer uses Tomcat 9/OpenJDK 11. So… Tomcat 9 is fine? But OpenJDK - would you prefer 8?

I’d say use the installer because it works and it’s a well tested and recommended configuration.

I prefer having all the stuff under one directory myself, just makes things easier. Updating tomcat is still just replacing the same files in a directory, also means you can run multiple installs in complete isolation if you ever need to do that

the only change I’d make from the default installer config is to keep all the WEB-INFs outside the webroot, under say c:\lucee\web-contexts\ as per

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I did a manual installation now as described on Tomcat9 works; but I have problems with OpenJDK 11.0.1. Lucee (version btw) Admin pages are working, but on my other sites, I always get an “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError” - “javax/xml/bind/DatatypeConverter”. Using OpenJDK 8 works fine! Any ideas?

I think that’s to do with the SQL driver, I was getting that with the MS SQL Driver, in then end I downgraded to openJDK.

Micha released newer MS Drivers, but they failed to work and were pulled again, I’ve no idea if they’ve been updated since, as I’ve had to work on other things so not revisited this.

Actually, looks like, yes. I’ve installed 6.2.2.jre8 (which indicates Java8 :slight_smile: Tried to update to 7.2.1, but then I had to install at least Lucee Did this and also switched to Java11. Site was working, but extreemly slow. Reverted back to Java8 / sql 6.2.2.jre8 => fine again…

Hi all,
Hi janderegg

i’m going to Tomcat 9.0.17, Lucee and a “current” JRE on Windows Server’s. We do not use the Installer. After several testing, i have to share the experience “Site was working, but extreemly slow” …

I tested several JRE’s (Oracle, Openjdk, Coretto, Zulu and Adopt) and it seems like using Java > 1.8 is
chained to a performance degradation in a range of 30% to 80% for our Site.

I could not identify any Lucee Version (4.5.5.x up to to be decisive for the performance degradation.

@janderegg, would it be possible for you to connect directly with me?

Regarding the performance problems discussed here, see: