Lucee 5.3.3 on Linux Debian 10?

I will set up a new environment for Lucee and have some questions,
I leave Lucee in the Windows environment and go to Linux.
(I am newbie on Linux)

I have installed the Linux Debian 10 buster (I use console mode)
and Apache 2.4

I have downloaded the Lucee installer file :

I will run it into the “/etc/lucee_install” directory I have just created in “/etc”

I wonder those questions :

1 - Does Java comes with Lucee installer (or does it comes with Linux)
2 - Does Tomcat comes with Lucee installer
3 - Where Lucee will be installed (what directory)
4 - Should it work on Linux Debian 10 buster
5 - Should it run with Apache 2.4

After evaluating these, I will start.
There is no rush. If all works, I will keep it.
(I will see later on for Database choice)

Else, I will go back to windows. (I already tried, all works fine)

php 7.3 is also installed, I will not use it. (I am found of CFML)

Thanks for help and assistance.