Lucee Showing Snapshot and Beta Options

Is there a way to not see unreleased software each time I log in?

There’s a Jira ticket talking about this now…

we will most likely change this only only show releases on the overview page.

I recommend a flag that defaults to stable only but allows people to show snapshots. There are two distinct usecases here that we used to cater to and I think they both still exist.

  • system admins who only care about stable releases for a production server
  • Devs who have local or staging installs and want to try out snapshot builds as soon as they come out.

Let people toggle a flag on the update page that opts them into showing snapshot builds. This is basically what we had in the past by choosing the update provider. I think there’s a lot of value in allowing the user to still decide what they see even though we only have a single update provider now.