Lucee 5.2.5, Docker on Google Cloud not working

I’m having an issue with the latest version of lucee ( that doesn’t work when deployed as Docker to the Google cloud and I’m not too sure where to look for what’s wrong.

When I build the docker image locally and start it locally, using Docker and Docker-Compose then lucee comes up fine, a health check then sets up the server and all is well.

However when I deploy the image via kubernetes to the the Google cloud, the pod never passes the healthcheck so isn’t available.

Looking at the healthcheck logs, all the calls return a 500. This, I believe, is because lucee has failed to provision the web-apps. I.e, there’s no WEB-INF etc in the app.

I’ve attached the catalina log

api-public.log (1.8 MB)

Which doesn’t mean a lot to me, but definitely shows it’s having issues!

Any idea where/what to look at next?

Version works fine, using the exact same process.

That’s a known issue with the Felix OSGI framework… It’s been fixed in Felix and I pointed it out to Micha a while back. Here’s the ticket for it:

if you look in the comments, I’ve provided a work around that worked for other people. You just need to override the OS name as reported by Java. This JVM arg should do the trick.


Yes, that did it.

Thanks very much.