Lucee 5.0 Strips CMFL/HTML from variables scope?

I just installed Lucee on a new windows 2012 machine and code that worked on 4.5 and ADC 9+
is now exhibiting strange behavior:


<cfset email_from = ' <>'  />

which is used in cfmail as the from attribute like so

<cfmail type="html" from="#attributes.from#" ...

mail is failing saying invalid FROM
A dump of the variable email_from shows
that the <*> parts removed (i think… or cfdump is rendering the <> instead of displaying it)

using encodeForHTML solves the issue for dumping it but does NOT help for cfmail.
mail gets dropped with invalid FROM still.

same for this contrived example:

<cfset testvar = "<cfif x eq 1>true<cfelse>false</cfif>" />

cfdump shows the results as


this does not happen on 4.5

Has something changed in this regard?

please raise a ticket we then will look into it.