Hi all, seeing a new update for Lucee 4.5.5 patch 016. But I cannot find any information about what it contains (in Lucee Admin nor on Lucee downloads page) and hence decide whether or not to implement it. Anyone got an idea? Thnx up front!

OK, seems PREVIEW releases was checked in Lucee Admin. Changing this to STABLE made the update go away :wink: Time for an upgrade to Lucee 6?

the update was a security bugfix for cfzip.

4.5 is end of life and there’s lots of good stuff in 5.3 :slight_smile:

@Zackster thnx, 4 the update, going for Lucee 5 this week hopefully on a new server, then migrating all the 4.5.x shizzle to there - fingers x-sed!