Logging to a datasource

Is there any documentation on logging to a datasource?

I’ve got a lucee server (
I’ve set up a new database with a login, that’s currently a dbo (MSSQL).
I’ve added the datasource to the server context.
Ran a page to create a table in the datasource to ensure it’s got rights.
I’ve updated all the logs in both the server and web context to use the datasource.
I run a page with an error; it doesn’t appear to log anything anymore.

Does the server automatically create the tables if they do not exist?
If not, what is the schema for this?


Looks like a restart of lucee sorted it, as I now have a table with data in it…

Also you have to do this in the web (not server) context.

This is a big feature. So many lines of code can now be deleted! :slight_smile:

I also added a ticket so we can have some dynamic variables in there so we know which server/web is creating them

Mark Drew


Yes it does not appear to work in the server context, but why give the option if it does not work in the server context, why not show it only in the Web context

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Are there any other tricks or recent changes to this function? Using Lucee 5.3.3, I have a Datasource with root access to a MySQL database. Both Server and Web contexts are configured to output the remoteclient log to my datasource, specifying a table that doesn’t yet exist in the database. I have restarted Lucee. When an email is sent, a line is written to the text log file, but no new table is created in my log database. Have I missed a step?